Information & Policies


Classroom locations will be confirmed in the attendee's confirmation email or letter. CALS reserves the right to change classroom locations when necessary.


Hillcrest Hall, located at 1501 Kavanaugh Boulevard, in Little Rock is situated in a residential area. Attendees to courses at this location are asked to be considerate when parking by not blocking access to homes. CALS or instructors are not responsible for towing fees incurred from parking violations.


CALS reserves the right to cancel courses in the event of inclement weather. Participants will be contacted by their instructor if cancellation is necessary. Participants may also call the Main Library at 918-3000 for updates on closings. Classes will not be in session on days that the library is closed in observance of a holiday.


Photographs and videos are taken at any or all CALS Events. It is the responsibility of the participant to advise the photographer if they do not wish to be filmed or photographed. Photos and videos may be used in CALS promotional materials including, but not limited to, print publications, catalogs, websites, newsletters, brochures, and social media.


On occasion, the sentiments and beliefs of a speaker may be controversial. Participants are asked to attend such events in a spirit of open-mindedness and without disturbing the event. For the comfort of others attending such events, disruptive participants may be asked to leave or hold comments until a more appropriate time. If a participant is asked to leave due to disruption, a refund will not be given.


Cell phone use can be disruptive to courses not designed for their integrated use. Cell phones must be turned off or to silent and calls must be taken outside of CALS classrooms.


All participants must be 18 years of age or older. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted in a CALS Community Learning Course.

Participants who register online will receive confirmation via email. If confirmation is not received, the participant may contact the Community Learning office for more information. CALS or the instructor is not responsible for damages resulting from online vendors.

Participants registering by mail or paper registration will receive a confirmation letter with course information. All participants should be contacted by the instructor 5 business days prior to the start of the course.


If a course is cancelled before its first session by the instructor or CALS, a full refund may be obtained. If the course has already begun at the time of cancellation, participants are eligible for a prorated refund. Refunds will be mailed from the CALS Finance Office and may take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

If a participant registers for a course and is unable to attend, they may transfer their registration to another person. Refunds will not be given. A participant may transfer their registration to another person without charge, but must notify the Community Learning program coordinator 5 business days prior to the start of the course by emailing


Only registered and paid attendees are permitted to attend CALS Community Learning courses. No one under the age of 18 is permitted.


Those registered for courses that involve physical activity, exercise, or stretching do so at their own risk. While the instructor makes every effort possible to ensure a safe environment and activity, each individual participant is responsible for monitoring their personal health and condition. Questions about physical ability and limits should be discussed with your doctor prior to class. CALS or the instructor is not responsible for injury during elective programs.


Payment must be rendered with registration. Online registration requires payment prior to receiving confirmation of enrollment. For paper registration, a check made out to CALS must be included with a completed registration form. Returned checks may result in additional fees and incomplete registration.


Course attendees are not permitted to promote services or products, or utilize CALS Community Learning Courses as a means to solicit new customers/contacts to be used for business purposes. Attendees may not distribute business cards to attendees, CALS staff, or Community Learning Instructors. Questions may be directed to the Program Director, Kristen Cooke, by email at

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