Policies for Instructors


Instructors are contracted on a short term basis. In order to become a contract instructor for the CALS Community Learning courses, a potential instructor must do the following:

• Submit an Instructor Application online
• Provide a list of 3 professional references

Once you have submitted your instructor application with all required information, a representative from the CALS Community Learning Program will review your submitted application. If your course is selected for the CALS Community Learning Program, you will be contacted within 30 days of the end of the Instructor Open Call. If you have questions about course selections, please email communitylearning@cals.org.

Before the instructor agreement can be finalized, all required paperwork must be submitted to the coordinator of the Community Learning program.


Participants must pre-register for all courses. Registrations are processed on a first-come, first served basis by the CALS Community Learning program. No registrations may be taken at the course location.


A list of all course registrants will be provided to the instructor via email 3 business days prior to the start of the class. If you do not receive a roster, please email communitylearning@cals.org.


Participant survey forms will be administered to participants by mail through the CALS Community Learning office. Feedback from participants provides CALS with insight into community interests and will be provided to the instructor.


CALS believes providing employee enrichment creates a more diverse and knowledgeable staff to serve our community. Instructors will be provided with a CALS Learning Assistant who will serve as a resource to answer questions, assist in taking attendance, and opening and securing facilities before and after the course. CALS Learning Assistants are permitted to assume the role of active participants during the course.


The Central Arkansas Library System reserves the right to cancel courses in the event of inclement weather. A CALS representative will contact the course instructor to notify them of closure. The course instructor is responsible for notifying registered participants of class cancellations. Instructors may also call the Main Library at 918-3000 for updates on closings.

Classes will not be in session on days that the library is closed in observance of a holiday.

The Central Arkansas Library System is closed on the following holidays:

New Year's Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
President’s Day

During Riverfest (Main Campus only)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day

Thanksgiving (and the day after)
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day


All advertisements and course promotion must be approved by the Public Relations Department of the Central Arkansas Library System. If desired, the instructor can be provided with digital versions of approved promotional materials for posting.

The Central Arkansas Library System will promote the Community Learning program and its courses through established promotional avenues including printed publications, social media, websites and/or newsletters. If the instructor is aware of any additional avenues or population segments that might be particularly interested in their course topic they are encouraged to share this with the Central Arkansas Library System’s Community Learning program coordinator.


If an instructor is ill or unable to meet with his/her class, the instructor must notify the Community Learning program coordinator as soon as possible. It is the instructor’s responsibility to notify students as soon as possible that class may be canceled. Classes should only be cancelled in the event of an emergency. Please closely review your schedule prior to agreeing to present a course to make sure that you have the time to dedicate to being a CALS Learning Stuff Instructor.

Substitutes are not permitted. The instructor is responsible for teaching all courses.


Students who withdraw for medical reasons from a course before it ends will be given a pro-rated refund. Refunds will be based on the day that the student notifies the CALS Community Learning office of intent to withdraw. Material fees will not be refunded.


The Central Arkansas Library System reserves the right to cancel, combine or divide courses; to change the time, date or place of the course, and to make other changes which become necessary to ensure a quality experience for the participants. If the Central Arkansas Library System does decide to cancel your course, CALS will notify students and issue any refund. Instructors are responsible for contacting the CALS Community Learning program coordinator immediately if they have a reason to cancel the class. If the instructor cancels the class, they are responsible for informing the CALS Community Learning program coordinator representative as well as all enrolled students. If the Instructor cancels less than 5 business days prior to the first day of class, or within the first two class sessions, the students will be refunded all materials fees.


The Central Arkansas Library System will begin processing payment to the instructor on the final day of classes. Payment will be mailed from the Central Arkansas Library System Finance Office. Payment will be based on the number of students enrolled in the class that have not completed the authorized withdraw process.


The Central Arkansas Library System may add additional fees onto the course to recoup costs of facilitating the program. These costs will be retained by the Central Arkansas Library System.


The necessity of any supply and/or materials fees must be detailed by the instructor and the Community Learning program coordinator must be made aware of any materials fees during the planning stages of a course.

Any materials and supplies fees will be included in the course registration price and not paid directly to the instructor. For materials and supplies that are easily obtainable by the general public, supply and vendor lists are recommended.


It is imperative and expected that course instructors will be helpful and courteous at all times. Professional conduct is required for continuation of instructor courses. The Central Arkansas Library System’s Code of Conduct does not permit inappropriate or offensive behavior by or toward Instructors, participants, and CALS staff.


The Central Arkansas Library System is embarking on a unique partnership with local artisans and experts to provide affordable and engaging learning experiences to the residents of Central Arkansas. Instructors are not permitted to promote personal services or items to participants, guests, or staff. Instructors may not use email addresses or contact information obtained through class rosters or enrollment in Community Learning Courses for their personal business or to solicit business at a future date.

Instructors may not receive or make personal phone calls while performing services. In an effort to provide quality service and attention, Instructors are not permitted to bring children inside CALS classrooms during times when class is in session.


The Central Arkansas Library System will ensure that all necessary furnishings will be at class facilities, however, the Instructor is responsible for the set up and tear down of class arrangements.


Instructors may not solicit donations of food, supplies, or any item from any person or business without prior approval from the Community Learning coordinator.


While there is some inherent risk in program participation, Instructors are responsible for maintaining safe learning conditions. If any aspect of the area seems unsafe, it is the responsibility of the Instructor to inform the CALS Learning Assistant immediately.


InDesign Level 1
Intermediate Sewing
Beginner Spanish
Intermediate Spanish
Intermediate French
American Sign Language

Introduction to Digital Photography
Intro to Studio Lighting
Floral Design
Container Gardening
Crafting a Short Story
Ballroom Dance
Latin Dance

Beginner Guitar
Fine Arts
Writing Winning Resumes
Creative Writing

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