Welcome to Your New Catalog!


Welcome to Your New Catalogue!

Your library’s OPAC has been transformed from a searchable inventory system to a highly interactive social discovery environment.  There’s a lot more you (and patrons) can now do. Including expanded account management functionality, collection development and management, collections-focused social networking, and the creation of indexed subject guides and catalogue content. The basic OPAC functions – search and discovery – have also been enhanced. There are greatly improved search capabilities including sophisticated relevance ranking and “did you mean” functionality, “smart search”, faceted browsing and more.  There are also innovative discovery experiences that allow your patrons to explore the full range of your library’s collections, harnessing both the wealth of catalogue and authority data, and community generated metadata and recommendations.

This is a big change.

The basic tasks in each session have been designed to ease you through the transition. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to help patrons with the adjustment. The change will be hard. For all the improvements, there will be people who prefer the old catalogue – especially, at first. Be prepared. Some users will push back but many have responded, and continue to respond, enthusiastically. Often, it can just take some getting used to.

Here is some of the feedback we received from Oakville Public Library users:

“Wow!! … Now that I am accustomed to your new system, I love it.”

“Over some time I realized this new site is addictive”

“I love this site!! I didn’t used to read alot of books because it was hard to find one i liked but this site has made it so much easier! I absolutely LOVE IT!”

The good news is there are lots of exciting, new features for those who want them and a better basic service for those who don’t.

You can find more examples of user feedback here.

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